Welcome to the one site for all your information about the APBT.  Our site is dedicated to providing helpful information about this wonderful breed.  No other site offers all of the helpful information of ours.   We would like to pay tribute to some of the top dogmen who have contributed so much to our breed.


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While many lines exist in the dog game we want to share with you the dominate ancestors to lines most commonly used.   Bolio, Eli, Jeep, Frisco/Chinaman, Dirty Mary, Maverick,Redboy/Jocko,  Yellow and Buck.  These lines have been crossed to form newer crosses. But as the game has evolved most of the high end dogs come from these common dogs. Today the dominate producing dogs have  been crossed to produce some of the finest athletes the breed has ever seen. 
A Must Read Story of a brave Dead Game Pit. 
Double GR CH Tornado
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Modern Day Legends
Gr Lukane
Gr Ch Destroyer
Beasts of Today
Gr Ch Firecracker
Our site is not intended to promote any form of animal fighting.  We do not condone the use of any dogs in fighting.  This site a historical site that takes a look at the history and images of the American Pit Bull Terrier.  We will show the many uses of these dogs in the past and showcase the future of this great breed.  We in no way endorse, condone or will allow any information to be on this website that violates any local, state or federal laws.   We are incomplete compliance with the newly signed Animal Welfare Act enacted on July 1st 2007.   Our legal team has also reviewed the site for content to be accordance with our ISP and the Federal Internet Content laws of the United States. 

The APBT is much misunderstood dog and need a site dedicated to the historical review of his heritage and the news of his accomplishments, legal avenues that one can enjoy with the APBT and the news that affects our breed. 

Please enjoy this site.  The US allows us the freedom of speech and the reporting of historical information.  This is what we are doing at APBT NEWS.  
Julie The Great.
A great new offer from APBT News.  We are now offering a free Web Banner and placements on my site to respected and known dogmen who have contributed to our fine breed.   While some sites are trying to make money offering this service we are now offering it free.  Our goal is to promote the breed and showcase everything good about our fine dogs.   So send it in.  We also are introducing a for sale page.  Here you will need to submit to us your dogs or pups for sale.   We then will review and post them with your email address or phone number.   Any line of dogs is fine but we want to see quality animals being offered for sale or puppies bred.   Submit your requests to apbtnews@gmail.com